Association of Conference Interpreters of Serbia - ACIS

Code of professional ethics

The Code of Professional Ethics hereby specifies the norms of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality, as well as working conditions…




The Association of Conference Interpreters of Serbia was established on the 26th December 2011 in Belgrade as a professional association of conference interpreters with the purpose of enhancing their position in the society at large and improving the quality of interpreting services in Serbia and in the region. The Association brings together reputable interpreters who promote and advocate respect for professional standards and the Code of Professional Ethics. It also nurtures promising young professionals and helps its existing members further develop their knowledge and skills through periodical trainings. The Association cooperates with similar regional and international organisations, and institutions using interpreting services, and it follows professional trends and developments.

The Association consists of its members.

The Association of Conference Interpreters of Serbia is a non-profit professional association representing collective interests of its members, but also features a directory of professional interpreters whom clients may engage for interpreting assignments by contacting them directly, having previously consulted members listing, and searched the directory by languages. Regular members of the Association are well- established, experienced interpreters, and their knowledge, skills and professionalism, as well as their compliance with the Code of Professional Ethics, constitute a guarantee for successful delivery of interpreting services, as corroborated by our references.

Members of the Association’s Advisory Board are as follows: prof. Vojin Dimitrijević (1932-2012), Haris Ghinos, prof. Ranko Bugarski, Sonja Liht, President of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, Nenad Vujić, Director of the Judicial Academy, and Sali Bejli-Rave, Head of the Interpretation Department and Chief Interpreter of the Council of Europe.

The Statute sets out the name and seat of the Association of Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreters of Serbia...

For simultaneous interpretation longer than half an hour, two interpreters in the interpreting booth are required, alternating every half hour...

In order to provide translation or interpretation, the translator or the interpreter needs to understand the topic. Some interpreters also specialise...