Association of Conference Interpreters of Serbia - ACIS

Code of professional ethics

The Code of Professional Ethics hereby specifies the norms of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality, as well as working conditions…



Who do we interpret for?

The members of the Association of Conference Interpreters of Serbia are professional conference interpreters who have acquired extensive professional experience by providing interpreting services in the country and abroad for a variety of clients including:

  • European Union institutions,
  • United Nations institutions,
  • Council of Europe,
  • international financial institutions,
  • diplomatic and other representative offices of foreign countries,
  • institutions of the Republic of Serbia,
  • international and national non-governmental organisations,
  • international and national corporate clients .

For reasons of confidentiality, you may receive a detailed list of references, at your personal request, from individual members of the Association of Conference Interpreters of Serbia whom you would like to engage for an interpreting assignment.

The Statute sets out the name and seat of the Association of Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreters of Serbia...

For simultaneous interpretation longer than half an hour, two interpreters in the interpreting booth are required, alternating every half hour...

In order to provide translation or interpretation, the translator or the interpreter needs to understand the topic. Some interpreters also specialise...